Acne Studios had started working on a custom typeface for their new visual identity. I helped finishing the typeface and developed a set of fonts in different styles. Webfonts were manually hinted for acnestudios.com.

2014. Commissioned by Acne Studios.
C&A Sans is the custom typeface for C&A. This was one of the last projects I brought to the advertising agency FamiljenPangea before building my own Type agency instead.

2014. Commissioned and Art directed by Stockholm Design Lab.
Custom typeface for ICA, one of Sweden’s leading retailers. The letter forms are inspired by the classic ICA logotype designed by Rune Monö in 1963.

Designed in 2013 when I was working at FamiljenPangea. In collaboration with Silver and ICA’s marketing department
Line is a collaboration which I made with Stefania Malmsten. The typeface was originally designed for Swedish fashion- and culture magazine Rodeo before it became a commercial typeface.

Designed 2012–2013 | PDF | Published by Letters from Sweden.
Expressen Siri is a custom “newsified” headline version of Siri tailored for the mobile website of Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Designed 2013.
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