Eksell Display was originally designed in 1962 by swedish designer Olle Eksell (1918–2007). The letters were drawn in Olle’s five square meter studio in Stockholm, six years after he designed the classic Mazetti eyes. I carefully digitized the letters, tried to bring a bit of 2015 to them and developed a family of four optical styles.

Designed 2015 | PDF | Published by Letters from Sweden.
In the landscape of grots, the subtlest of differences can bear great weight in a typeface’s tone. Looking past the repression of Helvetica, inspiration was found in the idiosyncrasies of earlier grotesks and gothics from the turn of the century. Conceptually, Lab Grotesque is built on the idea of round strokes straightening out towards the terminals. You’re reading it now.

Designed 2015 with Stockholm Design Lab | PDF | Published by Letters from Sweden.
Brace is a slab serif version of Trim. At least that was my initial idea when creating Brace. But in adding slabs the project grew into something else.

Designed 2015 | PDF | Published by Letters from Sweden.
MTG Sans is a custom type­face devel­oped to play an impor­tant part of the new MTG brand, active in 40 mar­kets around the world. The type­face is opti­mized for eight dif­fer­ent dig­i­tal plat­forms includ­ing Swe­dens largest stream­ing ser­vice, Viaplay. I was commissioned by BVD to collaborate and create ­a sim­ple, clear type­face with a per­sonal and human­is­tic touch.
With input from Kurppa Hosk I have designed a unique Slab Serif typeface for Tele2. Each style in the family is optimized for its main use area. The strong, compact Heavy weight with lowered diacritics is a perfect tool for setting tight headlines. The Bold style does its magic in sub-headings and short preambles and the Regular style is optimized for body copy, both in print and on screens.
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