Tictail, the design-driven startup that has grown from four guys and an idea to 33 employees and 60,000 Tictail stores, decided they wanted to be different. In a landscape where the majority opt for a geometric sans, Tictail turned to explore another direction to build their brand. Tictail Sans is the product of an ongoing discussion on the nature of Scandinavian Design. The typeface is a contemporary grotesk with open counters and is drawn to perform great on modern screens.
Zeta has brought olive oil, pasta and the Mediterranean culinary treats to Sweden. It was founded in 1971 by Fernando Di Luca and is today the most popular brand in this section. This typeface is inspired by Italian Art Deco and comes in different styles and variants.

Designed in 2014. Commissioned and Art directed by Hummingbirds.
Acne Studios had started working on a custom typeface for their new visual identity. I helped finishing the typeface and developed a set of fonts in different styles. Webfonts were manually hinted for acnestudios.com.

2014. Commissioned by Acne Studios.
C&A Sans is the custom typeface for C&A. This was one of my last typeface projects with FamiljenPangea before moving all operations under the Letters from Sweden banner.

2014. Commissioned and Art directed by Stockholm Design Lab.
Custom typeface for ICA, one of Sweden’s leading retailers. The letter forms are inspired by the classic ICA logotype designed by Rune Monö in 1963.

Designed in 2013 when I was working at FamiljenPangea. In collaboration with Silver and ICA’s marketing department
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