Hi, I am Göran Söderström.
I am a professional type designer, or what we in Sweden call “typsnittsdesigner”. I started designing typefaces in 2006 but drawing letters and shapes have always been a big part of my life.

The last few years I’ve almost had two jobs. I was FamiljenPangea’s lead type designer, where I was not only responsible for designing custom typefaces but also brought in the majority of such clients to the company.

Simultaneously, I was running Letters from Sweden as a side project where my main focus was retail fonts. My time with FamiljenPangea has been filled with exciting work for great clients. It has also been frustrating in many ways. Bringing in high profile clients to the company meant I was building another man’s house.

From now on, I will focus solely on my own company. What it means is that Letters from Sweden will be taking commissions for custom type assignments. This decision should also provide the peace and focus I need to develop even more retail fonts.